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Storey Homes has provided quality care to children and youth since 1974.

Professional staff continue to develop a spectrum of programming and supportive services within a therapeutic, community based resource.

Storey Homes provides residential services for latency and adolescent aged children and their families. Homes operate as parent model, and mixed modality settings, with some academic day treatment, clinical services, life skills development, and recreational programming, to support a successful treatment plan. Storey Homes proposes to provide a safe, supportive and nurturing environment. Within the normalized setting, there is a focus placed on skill development and growth. The goal for our clients and their families is to develop the ability to better understand and manage their lives in a meaningful and productive manner. This is accomplished through role modelling and teaching within a mainstream setting. Treatment planning within Storey Homes balances normalization with the treatment needs of each individual child. This is achieved through a collaborative approach using a multi-disciplinary team including professionals and community caregivers. Accountability of program performance is an integral part of the process in ensuring the child and his/her family’s needs are being addressed.

Goals of Service

Storey Homes will assist clients in the development of skill and self confidence needed to become responsible individuals. To this end we will provide secure and predictable environments in which children can “grow up” without having to necessarily move from within the program. Program needs, in collaboration with Enterphase Child and Family Services, are being developed in meeting the needs of the multi problematic children requiring full staff treatment resourcing to that of a less structured mixed modality residence. We will endeavour to develop inter-personal skills, re-affirm a child’s self worth and develop a positive identity of self, natural family, and community. Treatment goals will be individually tailored to meet the needs of the child and their family. We will assist in fostering a sense of identification within the community.



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